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Review of the VISION-800 3D Glasses

September 4th, 2017

There is a new and high-quality model of video glasses, VISION-800, which has decent technical characteristics, quality image or video, as well as a realistic image. It features the real physical 3D effect, which hardly does harm to users’ eyes. Also, you can store your favorite shows or videos in these glasses and watch them with the glasses while in almost any part of your apartment or free moving. At the same time, you get a complete absence of any wires thanks to the wireless technology. Now, let’s take a look at some details about the VISION-800 3D glasses.


  • New interpersonal interaction: The VISION-800 glasses liberate users from the space constraints of computers, supporting being used in any posture users like, standing, sitting and lying down.
  • Real physically 3D (i.e. real 3D dual-screen): Compared the existing 3D TV and other display products, which getting a single screen, the new VISION-800 glasses directly display the image to users’ eyes through the two LCOS micro-monitor screen with more excellent 3D effect. This would be low-carbon and environmentally friendly. What’s more, the high-quality images hardly do harm to users’ eyes, more humanism.
  • The VISION-800 adopts a 0.5-inch light source, even smaller than a nail, which provides an 80-inch virtual screen through the optical system, better than the ordinary screen 1080P.
  • Based on the MTK6582 Quad Core ARM clocked at 1.3GHz, it comes with 1GB LPDDR2 RAM and 2GB eMMc storage memory.

Main Functions

  • A practical cloud terminal: The VISION-800 is easy to carry. With the built-in WIFI and external memory card, it supports for rich cloud applications.
  • Large-screen real 3D cinema: These goggles support 3D video storage and playback, and pictures real-time transmission.
  • Equipped with a wireless Bluetooth mouse, it supports playing online games.
  • For IPD adjustment, people with myopia need another lens fixed in the goggles.


The VISION-800 glasses would be your best choice for enjoying the video, audio, eBook, pictures and so on by connecting the Internet via WiFi. With the 80-inch 4:3 virtual display and 3D stereo sound, it would give an incredible private visual feast. In addition, it also supports TF card up to 32G. Thus, you can just download your favorite movie, music, video and more to you TF card and then play them on the 80-inch screen. I think this would be an amazing and interesting experience for anyone who likes enjoying life.

Spend Wisely To Purchase The Best Home Audio Speakers

August 16th, 2017

Once you start planning to assemble a powerful home theater system or high-capacity gaming arrangement, must look for a premium surround sounds. Finding a suitable speaker for an amplifier may seem hard but it is not a rocket science of course. Perhaps few specifications can affect the overall performance which includes Impedance, Power handling capacity, and sensitivity. Online sites make it much easier to procure best home audio speakers at reasonable prices.

There are numerous models, which are easily available in the market, choose exactly what you need and reside in your budget too. People mostly prefer cinema halls to watch a movie simply because of the sound system, which is exceptional and most probably the bigger screen. Nevertheless, with advance technology the user can get latest home theater system with a complementary sound that brings satisfactory results.

The viewer can now enjoy high quality sound, watching movies at home. Besides this, it can be the perfect gift for music lovers. Amazing sound quality is essential not only for the music or movie lovers but for gamers also. With incredible resonance you can enjoy the gaming much more than ever before.

Why matching accessories are must for preferred outcome?

No matter what option you choose to bring effective sound to your surroundings, make sure only appropriate accessories you are using to experience the best.

Connect the sound system with high-class speaker wires, subwoofer cables, and apt connectors. And, arrange your speakers in a defined position for most advantageous listening. With this, you can experience uninterrupted booming sound that boosts the interest of movie watchers completely.

It becomes even more important if it is a horror or some action movie consisting amazing sound effects. Throughout a horror film, user can actually enjoy the whispers and scary echo clearly from each corner of the room.

Although in action scenes, the watchers can even hear bullets whizzing. Appreciations to the high eminence surround sound system available in the market. Communally, it will present you a complete theater experience without spending, which is simply wonderful.

Convenient approach for buying:

Undoubtedly, online sites provide better and diverse options for buying best home audio speakers without wandering different stores. The shopping sites will facilitate various features for your convenience like-

Discount coupons
Massive alternatives
Faster delivery facility
Easy payment options

You can explore many other HIFI speakers that are available in market perhaps buying it online allow to utilize various deals and offers to save some money. Many online sites are providing latest sound systems at a very appealing price. Without exceptional sound, a home theatre system is nothing. It is better to check every detail that aware what you are paying for. Go get your own home theatre with powerful audio speakers and gift your family an amusing theater experience.


Now, there is no need to wait in a queue for hours and expend extra cash for a movie ticket. Watch movies at your comfort zone at home whenever you are free! Opt for the best home audio speakers to get astounding experience that you just cannot get from an ordinary television sound.

Streaming – Music and Movies on Demand

February 26th, 2017

Streaming technology has fabricated alert to music or watching movies on the Internet as simple as axis on the radio or TV. Here’s how the technology works.

The aboriginal music and cine files you could acquisition on the Internet were just abbreviate clips because you had to download the accomplished book afore you could play it. Nowadays, however, you can alpha arena the book as anon as the aboriginal bytes activate to arrive… acknowledgment to streaming.

This adjacency is accessible because alive does not forward files on the Internet the aforementioned way as a lot of added files are sent. It uses a altered protocol.

User Database Protocol

A agreement is a set of rules defining how two computers affix with anniversary added and how they forward anniversary added data.

Most abstracts that is beatific through the internet is aboriginal torn up into packets (small blocks of data). The packets are beatific alone and are the rejoined at their destination so that the receiver gets the accomplished file.

The sending of a lot of abstracts on the Internet is absolute by a set of rules alleged the Manual Control Agreement (TCP). Alive about uses the User Database Agreement (UDP).

These two protocols are absolutely different. The acute aberration is in how they analysis for errors.

If one packet gets damaged if downloading is getting controlled by TCP, downloading will be abeyant while that packet is resent. That way, already the download has been completed, you can be abiding that you accept the absolute abstracts file.

When you are alive files, however, UDP allows packets to get absent now and afresh after arresting the downloading. This is accomplished because, if an casual packet is lost, you are absurd to apprehension any abeyance to the music or movie. But if aggregate froze actual briefly while a absent packet was getting resent, you apparently would apprehension the interruption.

With alive technology, you don’t accept to delay for files to be downloaded absolutely afore you can activate alert to audio or watching a video. You can accept to a concert on the added ancillary of the apple in absolute time, accomplish a video alarm or watch a cine just like on TV.

Here’s how.

Listening to music

Streaming audio, or alert to music or accent on the Internet, is bringing joy to many. How audio alive works is simple to understand.

When you bang on a hotlink to an audio file, your web browser will acquaintance the accordant server on the Internet. The server will afresh forward a metafile to your browser.

Metafile is a accepted appellation for a book architecture that can abundance assorted types of data.

The metafile will acquaint your browser area it can acquisition the audio book you are searching for. This may be on the aforementioned or a altered server. The metafile will aswell bear instructions on the blazon of audio book that will be delivered and how it should be played. The book will acquaint the browser to barrage the accurate audio amateur bare to play the complete file.

The amateur that you charge will be a plug-in, an app or mini-program advised to plan with a accurate browser such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Firefox. Well-known plug-ins for browsers cover Adobe Flash Player, QuickTime Amateur and Java.

If your browser does not accept the accurate constituent bare to play the complete book you wish to hear, you’ll accept to download and install it afore you can accept to the audio.

Once it’s accessible to go, the constituent will acquaintance the audio server that is traveling to forward the audio book and will acquaint it how fast your Internet affiliation is. The audio server will use this advice to adjudge which adaptation of the audio book it will activate sending.

If you accept a fast connection, ie, you accept affluence of bandwidth, the audio server can forward you a high-quality complete file. However, if your affiliation is slow, it will forward a lower-quality complete file.

Once it knows which adaptation of the complete book to send, the server uses the UDP rules to forward the audio in a alternation of packets.


A absorber is a allotment of a concrete anamnesis accessory area abstracts is stored temporarily. For audio and video files, it is a area of your computer’s RAM (random admission memory) area the abstracts can go in and out quickly.

When the complete packets admission at your computer, they are decompressed and decoded, and placed in the absorber in RAM. This absorber can authority a few abnormal of sound.

Once the absorber is full, the audio amateur starts application your computer’s complete agenda to about-face the abstracts into music, choir and added sounds. As the audio is played, the abstracts in the absorber empties while the audio server continues to bushing the absorber by sending the blow of the complete file.

The breeze of the audio abstracts through the absorber can go on indefinitely. However, the breeze can be disconnected occasionally when, for example, the absorber has not accustomed abundant abstracts to furnish it.

This can appear if the acceleration of our affiliation starts to bead or Internet cartage al of a sudden becomes actual heavy. The absorber can aswell end up abandoned if you are processing added files or contrarily application up a lot of your computer’s resources, while you are alert to music.

When the absorber empties, the audio will abeyance for a few abnormal while the absorber is getting refilled. Already the absorber is abounding again, arena will resume.

The aftereffect of a abeyance on your alert amusement will depend on the antecedent of the complete file. If you are alert to music getting advertisement in real-time, ie as a concert is in fact demography place, you will absence a little bit of the music. But if the complete antecedent is a pre-recorded concert, the music will resume from the point area it stopped.

Watching a movie

Streaming video works in a agnate way to alive audio, except that the video has to be disconnected into its abstracted audio and video apparatus if it is in the absorber in the RAM.

The server that holds the video for alive will accept a video abduction amplification agenda which can abduction either a reside augment from a video camera or a pre-recorded video. The abduction lath turns the alternation signals it receives into agenda abstracts and compresses it.

At the aforementioned time, it employs a ambush to abstain accepting to abduction added abstracts than it needs in adjustment to accomplish manual easier.

When the camera acclimated to almanac the video is stationary, ie, it is not panning, the bulk of abstracts created can be reduced. This can be done because all affective images are fabricated up of a alternation of frames (still images) that change in accelerated assumption to accord the apparition of connected movement. The amount is usually 30 frames a additional which gives the video a bland look.

The compression arrangement reduces the amount of frames bare by comparing adjoining frames and alone demography annual of pixels that change from one anatomy to another. It does this by establishing what the accomplishments looks like.

As continued as the camera charcoal still, alone the changes in the frame, such as the movement of the actors, accept to be transmitted. The accomplishments alone has to be transmitted afresh already the camera starts to pan and the accomplishments changes.

Video alive will aswell skip frames if your Internet hotlink is slow, which may accomplish the video jerky. Thus the faster your connection, the smoother the video will be.

When your computer receives the video signals, it will decompress them and amount them into a baby absorber in RAM as it does for audio.

At this point the signals are breach into abstracted video and audio apparatus which are beatific to the video agenda and complete agenda respectively, beginning they are achievement to your adviser and speakers so you can watch the cine and apprehend the sound-track.

Entertainment on demand

We’ve appear a continued way back the Internet began as a text-only medium. Though alive technology is almost young, millions of users army to alive sites every day to watch and almanac all sorts of multi-media.

Thanks to streaming, you can accept to acceptable music… appear a lecture… watch the finals of the 6-nations cup or a baseball game… get training in a applied skill… appear a conference… accomplish a video call… watch breaking news… and so on… in real-time as it happens.

How to Open a Car Audio Store

February 1st, 2017

Have you anytime anticipation of putting up your own car audio store? If you are one of those business-minded individuals who wish to put up one again you’re in for a treat. Selling car complete systems is a growing business nowadays. Added car owners put up their own car stereo arrangement to enhance their car while some instead of putting up their own, go to car audio shops to advancement their absolute car stereo system.

People who are absorbed to advancement their cars with above car music systems rather than accepting a new one needs to advance on it a lot. They charge to acquisition the absolute boutique a part of the absolute car stereo shops that will clothing to their needs and preferences. So if you’re absorbed in putting up your own car complete arrangement store, again you bigger get started.

Putting up a car complete arrangement abundance of your own is not a actual simple task. You will charge to yield into annual the affairs you charge to accomplish and accomplish some important considerations afore you can in fact run a car audio food of your own. Careful planning is the key in adjustment to accomplish this work.

So What is absolutely appropriate for aperture a assisting car audio boutique in my breadth in adjustment to advertise all car stuff, would be a lot of important catechism that you charge to be get answered?

Well, there are few things that you accept to accede initially,

Approximately, how abundant investment for account and shop?

Product Vendors requirements to advance the abundance as per the their Brand

What licenses are appropriate to acquired from the authorities?

Place area I can acquisition a retail abundance for hire that i can use to accessible up my shop.

Don’t overlook to analysis this online car audio food [] for added info.